Linh Dao

Assistant Professor, Interaction Design, California Polytechnic State University. 




Linh Dao

Interaction Design, Assistant Professor, California Polytechnic State University



Two-person Exhibitions

California Polytechnic State University, Humboldt
(Tentative) Titled: Undocumenting

Upcoming, together with Amanda Stojanov (

We envision eight projects in total being part of this interactive exhibition exploring the complex perceptions and experience of the female body, agency, and visibility, as a carrier of cultural, digital, and virtual identity. 

We share an interest on the topics of immigration and migration, social and economic inequality, minority representation, and accessibility. We want to highlight identity discourses as pivotal in theorizing the development and implementation of digital spaces that continues to defy political, social, and/or cultural convention. Even though our topic is not new, the depths of the experience through generations and the debates over who should remain, and what it means to be American at its core, have not yet been fully explored.

Our body of work is influenced by our distinct but echoed personal experiences of immigrating building a life here. We found ourselves at odds with the process of assimilation and what will happen to our language, history, and cultural belongings as we are told to leave or disappear while our ways back home also fade. By continuing the conversation, we are bringing to light the unique burdens that our journeys impose on our bodies, physically, digitally, as well as virtually.

Group Exhibitions

2024, Contemporary Asian Performing Arts/ Performance Art Season 2024
Ying Ming Theater, University Of Göttingen in Göttingen, Germany

2023, Aberrant Creativity: Unusual Partnerships Between Humans And Machines
Arts Council Of The Brazos Valley, Texas A & M University in College Station, Tx

2022, State Of The Art(Ist), A Virtual Kunsthalle
Ars Electronica in Liz, Austria

2022, ¿y Ahora Qué? Experiencias De La Cotidianidad Migrante
Abm Confeccioneson in Madrid, Spain

2021, Born Digita
lKarne Lateinamerikanische Kunst Gallery & Fluss Lab in Berlin, Germany

2020, Social Art Award Book & Exhibition
Institute For Art And Innovation in Berlin, Germany